Service that showed pirated movies on the web is taken down by the creators

The creators of Time Popcorn, a software that transmitted by streaming movies, was taken off air on Friday (14) by the creators of the initiative, who remained anonymous. The videos were those displayed by the app available on the internet via torrents.

In a statement published on the website “Medium”, suggested that the creators were threatened for having created the application.

“Our experience has put us at the gates of endless debate about piracy and copyright, legal threats and dismal machinery that makes us feel we are in danger by doing what we love. And this is a battle in which we do not want a place, “they wrote.

The videos were shown by Popcorn those distributed on the Internet via the BitTorrent protocol, which allows a file to be transferred from one machine to another without having to leave a server.This technology is at the heart of movie download sites, music and videos accused of piracy with the Pirate Bay

Nonetheless, the creators said they make the transmission of downloaded movies through this technology is not illegal. “How to Design, Popcorn Time is legal. We checked. Four times. “

“Piracy is not a problem of people. It is a problem of services. A problem created by the industry that wants to portray innovation as a threat to their ancient recipe of making money. It seems to everyone that they do not care, “they said.

“People are at risk of receiving fines, to be processed and any other consequences just to watch a movie. Just to have the kind of experience they deserve. Maybe ask gently for a few bucks a month to see any movie you want is a little better than that, “completed.