See how to test Firefox OS on PC

Firefox OS is slowly being used in new models of smartphones. The open source operating system developed by the Mozilla Foundation takes no position in the global marketplace as a competitor to Android, iOS or Windows Phone, but as a low cost alternative to equip smartphones with reduced hardware features and with a competitive price. It was developed using the Linux kernel and another layer interface in the Firefox browser works like graphical interface. All applications for Firefox OS are developed with web programming language that use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Although the number of applications is much smaller compared to the amount available for other platforms, there are already more qualified for the task developers. Although the operating system is based on a web browser, the basic unit does not require that it is connected to the internet all the time to work.

Two models are marketed with the platform, the Alcatel One Touch and Fire LG Fireweb via the operator Vivo. The system is present in 15 markets worldwide and to increase its stake in 12 more countries later that year.

In this column, an addition to the Firefox browser that enables the reader to simulate the operating system from Mozilla on the computer itself will be presented.

How it works 

To test the Firefox OS, you must have installed on your computer browser from Mozilla. Already available as your browser, just run it and access that address . Click the “Add to Firefox” button, and after the ‘Allow’ button to start the download and installation of complement. 


The time required to complete this first step will depend on the speed of internet connection, because the installer file for the simulator has about 50MB (megabytes).No need to restart the browser after the installation is complete. To run the simulator, click on “Web developer> Firefox OS Simulator” and enable the “Simulator” option. 


You can access almost all functions of the operating system, including installing applications store virtual Mozilla.


The operating system has a very intuitive interface.Through the simulation, the reader can enjoy virtually the entire experience of using the system without even having an apparatus for testing.