See how to make the PC faster without having to invest in an upgrade

It is practically impossible to achieve always have the most modern and fast computer market, unless the reader is willing to invest heavily in new hardware. Even the PCs that were already last generation soon begin to be slow. In many cases, does not indicate the need to replace components or buy new equipment. What happens is that most often lack a preventive maintenance on the operating system, which can be made without requiring advanced knowledge in computer.

And for those readers who tend to store a lot of photos, videos, music etc.. There’s no need to worry about doing a spring cleaning in the archives. Unlike what many believe, files do not “weigh in memory”, they consume disk space. In this column tips on how to make the PC faster without having to invest in new components will be presented.

Optimizing the OS boot
is very common user install programs to test its functionality or even to perform occasional task and then not even remember what the program was installed. In general, it is recommended to check what programs are running in the background, which can result in unnecessary resource consumption of the PC.

Running in the background is a device that met the program developer to make your run faster, because the program is “pre-loaded” when booting the operating system is running and without it being noticed. It is worth mentioning that the resources consumed by programs running in the background will not weigh as much as if the program was open, but if multiple programs are running in the background, the sum of consumed resources can represent a drastic loss of PC performance.

To limit the amount of programs loaded at startup perform the following steps:

1 – Click the Start button, type msconfig in the Run option and press ‘ENTER’; 
2 – Click on ‘Startup Programs’ tab and uncheck the programs that do not consider important to charge whenever the PC is booted.

If the reader unsure about the importance of a program we recommend research on it. Alternatively, the reader can post your question in the comments area of ​​this column.

Cleaning the Windows registry

Any program that is installed on Windows has a “key” created in the registry. This “key” serves as an index for the operating system to locate the executable program. However, when the program is uninstalled may happen that the “key” remains valid and in some cases compromising system stability. You can remove this “key” manually, but it is a process that has risks and it is intended for advanced users. A very intuitive and easy way to identify and remove invalid “keys” in the registry is using programs like CCleaner to – Column strip-doubt technology has already shown how to use the program.

Disabling unnecessary visuals

A full operating system visuals undoubtedly is more fun, but that fun can be the “bottleneck” in the PC’s performance, especially if extra time to change the appearance of the system software is installed. The ideal is to avoid such programs and also disable all kinds of visual features in Windows.

To disable the visuals of Windows, follow these steps:

1 – Click the “Start” button and then “Control Panel> System and Security> System> Advanced System Settings”.
2 – Check the option “Adjust for best performance” and then the button to apply the new configuration to take effect.

Freeing up more memory for your computer

Some programs even when closed, can be unnecessarily occupying the PC RAM memory. Overall, the Windows memory manager takes care of “make clean”, however, this process does not always remove all the “junk” necessary.To perform a thorough job we recommend using programs that release memory. The Wise Memory Optimizer is one of them ( go here ).

Another simple measure, which aids in the release of funds is to reboot.The Bad is that every time the system is slow, the PC must be restarted.

There are other simple measures that the reader can take and also surtem some effect, keeping the updated operating system and antivirus settings. In some cases, the source of the slowness of the system can be related to some virtual plague.