Seagate confirms production of hard drives with 8 terabytes

Seagate confirmed on Tuesday (26) the large-scale production of its first line of hard drives with 8 terabytes of capacity. Some of these units had been sent to evaluating corporate customers last month. The tests, by the way, gave good results.

The new hard drives follow the traditional pattern of 3.5 inches and are based on 6Gb / s SATA interface. Seagate also draws attention to the use of components that consume less energy, although it has not specified which.

But the mystery is the same technology used to enable such storage capacity. In its statement, the company makes no mention of it, and in the press contacts, refuses to comment.

Some believe that the “secret” is the technique HARM  ( Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording) . Here, a laser beam with a very small wave length is used for the recording head, allowing the insertion of the data on the disk without increasing the physical dimensions.


Another hypothesis – considered the most likely – is the use of technology SMR ( Shingled Magnetic Recording) , which can increase the density of discs reducing the space between tracks to point these become practically stacked.

According to Seagate, the hard drives 8TB will be widely available next quarter. Is twisted so that when reaching this stage, information about the implemented technology has finally been released.

Seagate did not reveal prices. The reason may be the target audience. These units are being launched to cater mainly to data centers. As branch companies buy HDDs in large batches, the unit price depends on negotiation.

But the availability of hard drives for 8TB final consumers should not take. In the past month, Western Digital launched new models 6TB toward this audience. Seagate also has drives with this capability, but exceed them in a few months would be a nice way to reach the rival.