Sales of tablets must pass the PCs in 2015, says consultancy

Sales of tablets like Apple’s iPad, Galaxy Tab, Samsung and Kindle Fire, Amazon must overcome PCs by 2015, according to the IDC study released on Thursday (6).

In 2015 the weather IDC notes that will be sold 300.7 million tablets of the year against 293.5 million PCs For 2018, sales of tablets should reach 383.8 million units from 291.7 million of PCs

Although the sale of tablets has lost speed in 2013, PC sales fell even more, giving room for the devices to increase their market share.

According to IDC, 42% of Americans own a tablet today.

In 2013, sales of PCs, including desktops and notebooks, was 315 million units worldwide, compared to 218 million tablets sold. It is expected that by 2014 this number is of 295.9 million PCs sold against 260.9 million tablets sold.