Rumor : Virtual reality glasses from Samsung?

A few months ago we heard the sound of virtual reality glasses from Samsung. According to them, the gadgets are being developed with its own hardware, but in partnership with Oculus VR software.

Who had access to sources familiar with the first development was the Engadget . Now the SamMobile , after allegedly seeing the device management app also has some thoughts on it.

The first is that the device actually exists and is called Gear VR. Confirming rumors, will also have the modular design, according to the application: you will need to connect your Galaxy via USB 3.0 to use it.


Three applications were downloaded while doing the initial setup. Two of them, VR and VR Panorama Cinema, could not be tested by site, since they need the Gear VR to work. The other, HMT Manager, gave some tips on how you can be the gadget.

As already indicated by these sources, the app mentions a touchpad on the side that is used to move the smartphone since the screen is inaccessible to connect it to Gear VR. You can also control it with voice commands thanks to S Voice.


There will also be a button to return to the previous screen and, keeping it pressed, the camera of the device will be enabled, allowing you to look around you in real life without taking the glasses-which is a differential with prototypes of glasses Virtual reality of other manufacturers, at least so far.

In HTM Manager, among the possible configurations are to choose a password to unlock the smartphone with the Gear VR and put a reminder every hour that you are looking at is not real (always nice, right?).

Finally, the screenshots of the app also confirm a render that SamMobile was obtained:


According to rumors, Samsung will reveal his bet for virtual reality at IFA this year, which occurs between 5 and September 10, perhaps with the Galaxy Note 4 Moreover, it is possible that the VR Gear is only compatible with the latest releases the manufacturer. To expand the range of uses of the gadget, Samsung should provide the SDK soon after the IFA for developers to play with the possibilities.

But costs not remember: until the official announcement is good to have a bit of caution before asserting that it will be exactly as it is told by sources out there.

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