RPG series ‘South Park’ is the main release of the week

The back of the television show “South Park” to the screen of video games is the main issue of the week ranging from 3 to 9 March. The RPG “South Park: The Stick Of Truth” finally arrives on day 4 after suffering several delays and a change of producer.

In “The Stick of Truth”, friends Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have the help of a new resident of South Park to retrieve the “Staff of Truth” item, which gives its name to the game and allows you to control the universe.

The game follows the look of paper collages of the show and tries to keep the same level of acid humor, profanity and obscenities seen in “South Park”. The player can choose from four character classes – “Fighter” (warrior), “Mage” (magician), “Thief” (thief) and “Jew” (Jew) – to explore and participate in battles.

Another highlight of the week is Episode 2 of the second season of the game “The Walking Dead”, inspired by the TV series of the same name. In the game, the protagonist is Clementine, supporting character in the first season. The Episode 2 arrives for now only for PlayStation 3, PC and Mac

“Awesomenauts Assemble!” is the version for the PlayStation 4 game online (MOBA) 2D battles, while “XCOM: Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition” brings to PC gamers in one package the acclaimed strategy game and its expansion.

See the games that will be released this week:
4/3: “South Park: The Stick Of Truth” (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC) 
4/3: “The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 2” (PlayStation 3, PC , Mac) 
4/3: “Awesomenauts Assemble!” (PlayStation 4) 
4/3: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition” (PC)