What is Rooting? Its Advantages and Disadvantages!

What is rooting?

As we all know that if we are the Administration in Windows than we can Access Everything in your PC.In the same way rooting your android phone gives you the full administration access Permissions.So rooting means to get the root of phone operating system to make Customs Global Changes.


Advantages of Rooting

– Rooting your android phone increases performance upto maximum extant

– By the superuser permission you can access many special apps which are only used in full administrative access

– It allows you to update new Customs Rom for your Phone

– By rooting if your app is installed in phone memory than you can easily move it to SD card

– It allows you to backup everything of your Phone Data.

– Flash any Customs ROM

– Fully own your android device.

Disadvantages of Rooting

Through with the advantages of rooting they are also many disadvantages of it they are:-

– Some time while rooting android phones some may brick this is the major fear for all

– Rooting Avoids the Warranty of your android phone

– If you install a customs ROM then there is a Great Risk of Virus

– Performance differ many users have found that after rooting they device performance Decline. Remember you are Using Stock Rom.


So here are have Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting it in your Hands to either Root your android Device Or Not.

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