Rival WhatsApp, Viber gain 1.5 million new users in 7 days

Competitor WhatsApp , recently acquired by Facebook, Viber application began to be used by 2 million new users only Brazilian in FebruaryWith the increase of 20% over the month of January, the app is now used by 12 million people in Brazil, WhatsApp has 38 million.

Started by buying $ 16 billion by Facebook, “WhatsApp effect” led 1.5 million people to start using Viber in the last seven days. Announced nine days ago, buying off a wave of consumers concerned with negotiating who sought alternatives to the app.

This week, following the announcement that rival allowed phone calls between users even in 2014, the Viber counterattacked and liberated free calls to fixed phones for two weeks. In three days of the campaign, according to the company, the app hit his record and reached 7 million minutes in calls for Brazilian users.

The promotion ends March 10, but can be extended for another week if the flow of text messages increase 25% per week.

Since its launch, the Viber allows free calls between its users. In November 2013, launched Oct Viber, a function that extends the possibility to make phone calls to mobiles and landlines. To make calls, you must buy credits which cost between $ 5 and $ 25.

The amount paid by WhatsApp was the highest ever offered by an application. The acquisition made by the social network that can reach $ 19 billion, however, is not an isolated business and demonstrates the attractiveness of messaging app for large technology corporations.

In January this year, Viber itself was bought by Japanese Internet company Rakuten for $ 900 million.In the past year, Facebook had offered $ 3 billion by Snapchat, which sends photos with time pre-determined life.

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