Report identifies Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin creator


Investigating records of Japanese who moved to the United States, the publication “Newsweek” was able to identify the creator of the virtual currency Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – in a report published on Thursday (6).

The origin of Bitcoin was the main mystery of the virtual currency. Many hypotheses have been suggested, including that Nakamoto was actually not an individual but a group of people with possible links to the European financial sector.

Nakamoto is 64 years old and lives with her mother Akiko, 93, in Temple City, California. His main hobby is model railroading, and second family, the programmer has always been a libertarian suspicious of the government and the big banks, especially after the family home was taken by a bank in the 90s.

Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman tried to speak personally with Nakamoto, who immediately called the police. “I’m not more involved and I can not talk about it. Was delivered to people, they are in charge now. Connection I have no more,” said the programmer. The conversation was finished with what was effectively an admission of the involvement of the developer with the money.

Before attempting this conversation in person, the reporter was already in contact with Nakamoto.They talked, via email, about model railroading. When the subject of Bitcoin appeared, Nakamoto stopped replying.

Because I participated in the Bitcoin early on, in 2009, Nakamoto holds thousands of bitcoins, which has got to be worth more than a billion dollars. Today, his fortune is worth about $ 500 million (U.S. $ 1.1 billion).

It is unclear why Nakamoto does not use that money. The family of the programmer, heard the story of “Newsweek”, or knew of his involvement with Bitcoin. A journalist asked the family talked to him about it. He refused. Nobody, however, doubted that he might be the creator of the coin. Nakamoto was described as very intelligent and reserved. He also reportedly worked on sensitive projects.

“What you do not know about him is that he worked in private things. His life was a total blank for a while. You will not be able to talk to him. He denies everything. Admit not have gotten Bitcoin” said Brother younger Arthur Sakamoto. “He is the only person I know who went to a job interview, the interviewer called him an idiot and proved what I said,” says the brother.

Gavin Andresen, the Bitcoin chief programmer, Nakamoto may want to avoid involvement with the coin to also avoid the press, or the “fame” that would result. Would be a possible explanation for the thousands of bitcoins that Nakamoto has and that are, in practice, out of circulation. Andresen does not believe that the cryptographic keys necessary for the use of coins, were lost. “He is very disciplined,” he said.

Nakamoto live in the United States since 1959, when her mother married a second time. At 23, he changed his name to “Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto” and went on to sign as “Dorian S. Nakamoto”.

Nakamoto has six children. Ilene Mitchell, daughter of the programmer, told a joke that can sum up the personality of his father. “He said, pretend that government agencies are behind you And I hid in the closet.”.