How to remove facebook games invitations?

Are you tired of the invitation  came from Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga, Dragon City? If you do not want to receive invitations to play this game you can follow these steps.

Block Application

How to remove facebook games invitations?
You’re not playing Candy Crush Saga or listening to music on Spotify, but your friends are playing. This means that you have repeatedly received the invitation (invite) to the unwanted applications. Fortunately, Facebook provides you with a way to stop the notification from users and certain applications.

Visit the Facebook settings menu, select the “Blocking” on the left menu.

When you scroll down, you will see the items:
– Block app invites: blocking the use of application invitations from certain users. Enter the name of the person or send an invitation using your application.
– Block event invites: block invitations to events from certain users.
– Block apps: block certain applications like Candy Crush Saga or Dragon Quest. Enter the name of the app uncomfortable in this position.


Note that even if you block the application, the application content will still show up in the News Feed. The block applications just help you get rid of the invitation to use (the invite) this application only.

Block notifications from applications
When you open the menu notification, you can click the “X” at the top to completely stop receiving notifications from the app and select “Turn off” to confirm. The game invites application from any user who does not annoy you anymore.




Block content related to the application on the News Feed

This blocking will not make the ad content (sponsored stories) disappeared completely, but will help you get rid of countless stories related to Candy Crush is available on the News Feed. Please select a random post related to the application you want to remove, click the settings button and choose “Hide”.


Then, select “Hide all stories from [application name]”.
Deleting applications used from your Facebook page
Facebook’s settings menu, select the menu “Apps” on the left side. You will get a list of all the applications from the newly opened using your Facebook account. From this menu, you can delete the app does not use (by selecting the X) and can also control the level of publicity that application. You can also turn off the notification and control the rights to use (post, access information …) of the application.


To completely remove an application from your profile, select the “X” of the application you want to delete the application list. Note that all your activity on this application will be removed completely.