Questions and answers about the end of Orkut


Although Orkut has ceased to be the most popular social network in the internet, in Brazil it has the largest number of active users in the world. And after the announcement of the closure of its activities to September 30, many questions arised about the topic. Read below for questions sent in by readers.

System failure >>> exporting profile data

This system for importing data and photos and create a file is not working.

Vibhor Bansal

Hello, Vibhor! After the announcement of the end of Orkut, many users simultaneously resorted to Google Takeout, and because of that service had instabilities during the process of generating the file. Ideally you wait a few days and repeat the procedure.

Retrieve Username or Password >>>

I do not remember the password.
Ravi kumar dutta

Do not remember login information, but I need to get on my profile, because there have many pictures that were not saved anywhere else.
Nani Corra

I want to save my pictures, but I do not know the password to get into my account.
James desouza

I forgot my password, how can I recover the photos that are there?
Kellen Sousa de Souza

Hello, people! To try to recover the password or user of Orkut, you must follow the following steps:

– Access the page on Orkut
– On the login screen, click the “Need Help?”
– Three alternative recovery are displayed (“I do not know my password”, “I do not know my username”, “I’m having other problems logging”), select the most appropriate option to the problem you are experiencing.

If the problem is not only to remember the password, simply enter at least one account of valid e-mail address that was linked to the Orkut profile. If the reader does not remember what was the user, the recovery wizard will ask for the email or mobile number and full name. In this case, it is necessary that the mobile number is what was entered in the profile and the e-mail is accessible, it will be by one of these channels that will be sent final instructions to recover your password. After reset, usually just access the account on Orkut.

>>> Where to send photos and videos saved on Orkut

Do not want it to end, as I do with my over 5000 pictures that are there?
Pollyanna Barbosa

Performed the procedure for export of photos and videos of my profile, where should I save the files?
Kishor kumar

Where can I save my photos?
christan desouza

Hello, people! Social networks are not the best way to permanently store your photos and videos, especially when a significant amount. Ideally, a backup copy is kept in a virtual disk. This column lists the major online services where you can save all files. It is noteworthy that keep important files on the local computer is practical when you’re without internet. However, in case of loss of any equipment or hard disk failure, all content is lost and can hardly be recovered.
>>> How to recover photos and videos

It’s a shame the end Orkut! How do to recover my pictures, videos?
Eliana Aparecida Morbi

Hello, Eliana! Orkut does not offer the ability to recover any information after their exclusion. For this reason you can not recover your photos and videos.

>>> Error while attempting to save photos

I can not get the picture. I’m tired of trying, but they become shortcut after I go to the option “save image”.
Silvana Bernardes

Hello, Silvana! Ideal for you to save your photos safely and practicality is to use a free service called Google Takeout. With him back up the entire contents of your profile is obtained.

Migrate >>> games and friends to Facebook

And as I do with my games? Will I be able to migrate them? Can I migrate friends to Face? Do not want to lose my friends or applications.
Maria De Lourdes Hommerding

Hello, Maria De Lourdes! The games are external to the Orkut social network applications, and for this reason you can not migrate them. Ideally you look equivalents games on the network that you are currently accessing. You can not migrate automatically to their Facebook friends. However, when creating a backup using Google Takeout, you can get your contacts and send out invitations for them to take on Facebook, if you do not have profile.

Prevent >>> community is saved

Hello! Doubt on communities. The question is about when there is a community that offends the image and integrity of someone. The owner is a fake, the community is public and only has a participating member who is the owner himself. The community has already been reported but nothing happens. Not that it would stay saved, since it does not bring any information or usefulness, and only hurts the image of someone. Things to do in this case? Thanks for the help in advance!
Reginaldo Mottahá

Hello, Reginaldo! If the community that you consider offensive is still available on Orkut, the only user who can save her is the one who created it. In this case, there is any way to prevent it keep a backup of the contents of the community.

>>> Autosave photos and videos to Google Photos

My photos and videos will be posted there on Orkut photos saved on Google?
Julia Sa

Hello, Julia! There is so far no automatic feature that exports the photos and videos Orkut. Ideally you refer to Google Takeout or migrate to an account on Google+.

Error trying to get >>> on Orkut

I have tried several times to enter on Orkut, but I can not. After login, I am redirected to the main GMail, why?
Shirley Silva

Hello, Shirley! When the redirect to the Gmail page occurs, it means that your Orkut account was removed, leaving only the Google account your services online.

Save the testimonials >>>

And the testimonials?
Cassio Lopes

Hello, Cassius! You can save a backup of the entire contents of your profile using Google Takeout.

Recover deleted account >>>

I deleted my account and wanted to switch it to recover my pictures, but I can not.
Rosemeire Rodrigues Walk

Hello, Rosemeire! Orkut does not offer the option to recover an account that has been deleted, and all its contents.