QR Code Generator with 9 New Features

QR Barcodes are becoming popular now a days.But,Ever taught of how this QR Barcodes are Generated ?

QR code Stands for Quick Response Code.This matrix QR codes are being coded with small Square black boxes according to the input and with any Decoder they can be decoded.so you can decode them from any device.

QR code scanner Download links :



To download For other devices just Google it.

So Here is QR code Generator 

What it can do ?

It can create QR Code for:

1) Text

By using this you Can just Save any of your Messages in QR code.








Just Scan this Code and see what happens.

2) Email

Using this QR code Generate Emails are send it any time by scanning it.

3) Telephone

Save the Telephone Numbers and contacts.

4) URL

Generate your Facebook,Twitter,Google +…etc profile URL and share it .

5) vCard

Make a Vcard of any one.

6) meCard

Make your Own Card.

7) location

Using Location from Lon-lat % and Address.

8) Bookmark

Bookmark any Url and Generate Code for it.

9) WiFi

Add Your WIFi CF ID and its Password

QR code Generator Developer Credit : Bhawani Garg