PS4 sells more than 6 million units in less than four months

The Sony announced on Tuesday (4) that the PlayStation 4 exceeded 6 million units sold worldwide, less than four months after it was launched, surpassing the company’s expectations.

The company foresaw sell 5 million units between launch date in November 2013 and March this year. Sales of the new console outperform the PlayStation 3 (3.55 million units sold in the same period) and its direct competitors Xbox One (3.5 million) and Wii U (6 million since launch).

This also puts the game in the way of successful PlayStation 2. With 155 million units, is the best-selling history.

Japanese users, who were the last to be able to buy, acquired 370,000 units since the start of sales, on February 22.

Designed to have greater connectivity with social networks and mobile phones, the PlayStation 4 is available in 57 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Sony also said that since November 2013, sold 13.7 million copies of games for the new console, as the title “Killzone Shadow Fall” which reached 2.1 million units sold.