And if it were possible to recharge the battery of your smartphone in less than a minute? This charger makes it

The batteries are of smartphones with ever greater capacity, but the internal components also spend more time each energy, then the autonomy of devices rarely passes a day. How to solve this problem? Maybe StoreDot, a startup in Israel, has found a good solution: they developed a charger capable of raising the battery from under 30% to 100% in just 30 seconds.


Before commenting on anything, let’s see the demo video:


Ok, true, it is only a palliative. This does not correct the problem of the smartphones batteries run out before the end of the day and still require you to be hunting an outlet there. But at least you can make us lose much less time than the two or three hours today – and that alone already makes us quite excited.

The charger came in nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University. The magic happens fast loading with the use of organic semiconductors made from chains of amino acids or peptides.And not cost so much: the researchers believe that one of these boots could be sold for about 30 dollars.

At the moment, the charger is still just a prototype and is the size of a power notebook, but may decrease with the progress of research. If all goes well with the tests, these boots can begin to be sold by StoreDot for various models of smartphones at the end of 2016.

The question now is whether these boots are really viable. The current batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and discharge hence the frequent use of this method could greatly reduce the life. And of course, we hope that these boots do not cause even greater fire.