Player reaches 1 million point mark achievements in Xbox

The American player Raymond Cox, better known by the nickname “Stallion83”, peaked at 1 million points achievements in Xbox 360 and Xbox One, called “Gamerscore” on Thursday (13).Cox took over 8 years to reach the millionaire number and is the first in the world to get it.

The “Gamerscore” is a score gains through the achievements of the Xbox, which rewards the player with points and insíginas after completing tasks or achieve certain requirements within the games system. The game appeared on Xbox 360 and today can be seen in similar initiatives in video games from Sony (PlayStation 3, and 4) and on mobile devices.

“Eight years, three months and do not know how many days. Many, many hours, many nights. I can not explain how much [time] I deposited it,” blurted Cox in your channel on Twitch, site transmission matches the games.

“Stallion83” already owned the Guinness World Record for the largest player with “Gamerscore” world. He reached the milestone of 1 million points during a game of “Titanfall” and interestingly with the achievement “I like a challenge” (I like a challenge, translation), obtained after the player completes all the challenges of a single weapon the game.