Your PC is Slow ? Here is the Solution!

I have noticed that over time my notebook begins to slow down. I’ve been told that when this happens the best thing to do is format it.

The problem is that whenever I ask someone to do it, I lose much of my files, and need to install all the programs I use again.


The process of reinstalling Windows on your notebook should be considered as a last resort to resolve problems. That does not mean it does not resolve, but even you can adopt and keep your notebook with good performance. Generally the performance loss is related to Windows unnecessary programs running in the background. Attempting to load programs that have been uninstalled, also contributed to make the system unstable because invalid information remain saved in the operating system registry. Good practices you can adopt to maintain your notebook are as follows:
– Avoid installing programs downloaded by unknown sites;
– Keep your operating system updated;
– Maintain updated antivirus definitions vaccines;
– Avoid installing pirated versions of programs;
– Avoid installing bars utilities in the internet browser
– Perform regular programs for cleaning of the Windows registry, such as CCleaner or RegClean .

One tip, create a partition on your hard drive, download it to all your essential files. Because in case of the need to format the disk and reinstall the system, just steer your computer technician so it does not remove the partition intended to stored personal files.