Optimizing AdSense – Pre-Course Assessment (Solved)

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Pre-Course Assessment

Welcome to Optimizing AdSense! This pre-course assessment will help you identify what you already know and what you still have to learn from each of our lessons. If you do not want to take this assessment now, you can always come back and take it later on.
Instructions: Select True or False for each of the questions below. Click “Check Answers” to see which questions you answered correctly and click “Submit” once you are finished.
  1. True or False: Opting into both text and image ads increases the auction pressure for your website’s ad and is very likely to increase your AdSense revenue. – TRUE
  2. Every page should have a 728×90 banner ad on it because this is the highest performing AdSense unit. – FALSE
  3. Blocking categories in your AdSense account will not affect publisher revenue because the auction will just replace ads from that category with ads from other categories. – FALSE
  4. You can put the same ad unit into multiple custom channels. – TRUE
  5. AdSense Experiments can be used to test and compare the performance of different sizes or styles of your ad units. – TRUE
  6. CPC and CTR are different acronyms for the same thing. They both measure how often users click on ads. – FALSE
  7. The only way to be sure that you’ve put ads in the best places on your site is to test frequently and understand the behavior of your users. – TRUE
  8. The best way to format text ads is to blend with the content as much as possible. – FALSE
  9. If your page calls for an ad to be served but no ad is returned, this counts as an ad request, a page view, and an impression. – FALSE
  10. In the AdSense auction, if Advertiser Sami bids $2.40 CPC, Advertiser Raj bids $2.10 CPC, and Advertiser Chris bids $2.15 CPC, Advertiser Sami wins and pays $2.40 for the impression. – FALSE
  11. With contextual targeting, the Google web crawler analyzes colors, images and videos to match ads to your content. – FALSE
  12. The number of AdSense ads you can place on a mobile site is the same as you can place on a desktop site. – TRUE
  13. Page speed is important to ad revenue because users are more likely to stay on a page and return again if the site loads quickly. – TRUE
  14. If the AdSense crawler cannot crawl a web page, the ads delivered to that page may not be targeted to the page content. – TRUE
  15. A rejected ad request occurs when a publisher’s content does not comply with AdSense policies. – FALSE
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