Optimizing AdSense – Final Assessment (Solved)

Publishers often tell that they want to learn how to use AdSense but aren’t sure where to start or which resources are right for them. So here is Google Adsense  first online course for AdSense publishers. The course puts all of our top optimization resources in one place, helping you understand what drives your revenue and how to make changes right in your account to make the most of your setup.

Each lesson in the course will focus on a specific AdSense topic that can help. By completing Optimizing AdSense, you’ll learn:

  • what drives AdSense revenue
  • strategies for boosting your RPM
  • how to improve your clickthrough rate, ad targeting, and coverage

Link to the course: https://optimizingadsense.withgoogle.com/course

Just go to the Final Assessment and complete it and get your certificate, below are the question and answers of the assessment.


Answer questions 1-4 below based on the following scenario.

Scenario #1: Rebecca has an interior design blog that is largely images of rooms and accessories that gets approximately 5,000 page views per day. She has just signed up for AdSense and hopes to grow her business with her ad revenue.
1. When creating her ad units, which ad type should Rebecca choose and why?

“Text and Display” because this creates the most competition in the ad auction and generates maximum revenue.

2. True or false? Rebecca should start by placing a 300×250 on her site because this is the highest performing size overall.

3. Rebecca has one main competitor. She doesn’t want their ads showing up on her site and she wants to compromise the least revenue possible. What should she do?

Enter the domain name into the Advertiser URL section of the Allow & Block Ads tab.
4. True or false? Rebecca installs the Google Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension. The Google Publisher Toolbar provides a more detailed view of ads on her site as well as controls to block an ad, a URL or an ad network, or report a problem with an ad.

Answer questions 5-8 based on the following scenario:

Scenario #2: Peter has an e-commerce website selling coffee beans from all over the world. Yesterday, he served 30,000 individual ad impressions. His Ad RPM was $1.50 yesterday.
5. What was his total ad revenue for the day yesterday?

6. Peter’s site had a 0.5% Ad CTR on the 30,000 impressions he served. How many clicks did Peter’s ads receive?

150 clicks
7. Peter wants to put a 200×450 on his site. This is not one of the standard AdSense sizes. Can he create an ad unit with these dimensions?

Yes, you can use Custom Ad Sizes to design this ad unit.
8. Peter read about a new ad metric called Active View CPM. With Active View CPM advertisers only pay for for impressions when a user views:

50% of the ad for at least one second
Answer questions #9-12 based on the following scenario:

Scenario #3: Cory owns a website for travel accommodations reviews and has had AdSense ads on the site since 2009.

9. Cory has a 728×90 banner at the top of his page and he is curious if the 970×90 super leaderboard will perform better. What is the name of the feature in his AdSense account that makes it easy to run an A/B test?

10. Cory has a 336×280 ad unit on his home page. He sometimes sees a smaller, 300×250 display ad appear in that space. What is most likely going on here?

To increase competition for some larger ad sizes, display ads of similar sizes can also appear in the ad slot. So the 300×250 is the highest paying ad available.
11. True or false? Advertisers can choose to bid directly on Cory’s URL through placement targeting.

12. The AdSense crawler crawls Cory’s site weekly in order to provide data for which kind of ad targeting?

contextual targeting
Answer questions #13-16 based on the following scenario:

Scenario #4: Sasha often does her grocery shopping and home goods shopping online.

13. Sasha is browsing a website that ranks the best home cleaning products. On this page, she sees an ad for a new kind of tile cleaner. Sasha is most likely seeing a(n) ________________ ad.

contextually targeted
14. While browsing the same site, Sasha sees an ad for the cheddar crackers she typically buys. Sasha is most likely seeing a(n) ________________ ad.

15. On the same page, Sasha views a 300×600 ad unit with 5 text ads displayed. How many impressions does this count as?

5 impressions
16. If Sasha starts on the homepage, then navigates to an article page, then goes back to the homepage, how many total page views does this count as?

3 page views

Answer questions 17-20 based on the following scenario:

Scenario #5: Thomas has received alerts in his AdSense account that both crawler errors and rejected ad requests are affecting his overall revenue.

17. The three most common causes of crawler errors are:

Robot denied, page not found, content behind a login
18. A rejected ad request occurs when:

Our crawler sees that an ad unit is within an iframe, which has no content.

19. Thomas visits the AdSense Help Center and is able to fix the rejected ad requests and the crawler errors on his site. Now, he would like to test his page speed by using:

The Page Speed Insights tool
20. Thomas wants to improve his page speed because he knows:

All of the above.


After completing the answers you will get 100% marks and you will be able to get your certificate, below is a demo of the certificate which i have got from the course.


NOTE: This answers are for education purpose only, try to solve the answers by yourself to get genuine marks!