Online petition that asks to not end Orkut was signed by 60,000+ people

A petition circulating on the internet asking Google to reconsider and not retire the Orkut surpassed the 60,000 signatures on Tuesday (1). Join the online platform Avaaz, the petition had been endorsed by 60,038,000 people by the publication of this text.

Google announced on Monday (30) the closure of the social network , which was the most popular social media Brazil until 2011, when it was surpassed by Facebook. As of September 30, in communities create topics is no longer possible. Since Monday, creating new profiles or communities is frozen.

“We request that Google not finish Orkut and if this is not possible ask the company to at least preserve the main feature that keeps this social network alive today: the model of the organization of forums in communities. Something that does not exist in Google Plus, whose communities that exist are similar to Facebook groups. If Orkut still had some movement was due to the current model of communities, “says the text of the petition ( See here ).


The Google did not comment about the petition.The company, however, had reported that from October the communities and its contents make up a file. Users who do not wish to have immortalized their publications must delete them from the communities before September 30 this year, or delete your profile from the social network.

You can take the account (with photos and other information) from Orkut to Google+. Just follow the following steps: Settings> Google+> Connect your Google+ profiles and Orkut> Connect accounts.