OneDrive may be about to support files larger than 2 GB

After going to offer 15GB of free space and 1 TB for subscribers of Office 365, the OneDrive may be about to receive news that will make it even more attractive. Among them is the much desired support files larger than 2 GB in size.


The rumor came in last weekend. A user on Reddit said to have achieved synchronize files over 2 GB in your account at OneDrive without facing difficulties. Further, other users reported the same feat.

It may be a bug? Can, but the channel OneDrive in UserVoice (site that offers tools for communication between companies and customers), one Microsoft employee explained that the company is already working to eliminate the limit that prevents the synchronization of files larger than 2 GB in service .

So far, Microsoft has not released any official statement on the matter. When approached by the press, their representatives simply respond that there is no information to be given. But the company has good reason to be even working to remove or at least apply a more generous limit.

The Google Drive supports files up to 5 TB  in size. Dropbox, in turn, tolerates up to 10 GB, but only for files sent from the browser; uploads via the official apps, there is no limit .

If we consider that the three services have been offering plans with capabilities equivalent storage (Dropbox Pro increased the space of 1 TB accounts for last week), the features are replaced more and more weight to the users.


In this sense, the UserVoice page OneDrive gives clues to other possible news. One is the ability to do research in OneDrive from the contents of Office files or PDF, and not just by its name.

Another feature is the ability to share files with other users without the need for links. In this mode, the shared equipment would appear immediately to the account of another person.

As already mentioned, there is no confirmation on the implementation of these features. But as OneDrive seems to have gained a prominent place in the priorities of Microsoft, is not dreaming big news expected in the near future.