Number of gamers in China will explode with mobile games

With the rapid growth in sales of mobile phones and tables in China , the country will have an explosion of new gamers in the coming years, a great opportunity for game developers in the West, including Brazil, to increase its sales by launching titles for this market, according to research from Tencent.

Speaking at Friday Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, USA, Steve Gray, CEO of Tencent, warned developers to find ways to launch your games urgently in China. “In 2014 many Chinese manufacturers of mobile handsets will launch very cheap. They sell 400 million handsets this year. This increases, and much, the amount of users and a large percentage of them will play games, which brings a great business opportunity “.

Among the favorites are the Chinese game of action, RPG and strategy, with Gray pointing out that these are to be created for the market. “Create games and then think about the financial return.”

The executive said that new users start buying simpler games, but they bring fun and challenge, before venturing into more complex securities. “Particularly in the Chinese market, but is a global trend, people start with the simplest games that require rubbing your finger on the screen and something happens. But what we found is that after that, these same players seeking for more complex games” Gray explained.

“Simple Games bring financial returns, but deeper and more complex games are played for longer, bringing more monetization options, and players invest more money in these bonds.” It also argues that these games for phones and tablets can bring many people who play on PC gaming.