Now Google can help you to find where you left your car

Everyone has had the situation not remember exactly where he stopped the car, right? Although this new feature of Google Now can not help you much if the mall or supermarket, it can be quite useful for those who frequently leave the car in the street and never remember where.

The update began shipping yesterday and uses GPS and smartphone sensors to determine when you got out and where it occurred. The location appears in a blue circle on a special card on Google Now:


If you are not at the given location, you can still ask Google Now “think” in other possible locations for your vehicle.

The card only appears to those who selected the car as the main means of locomotion in the wizard, but can also occur from appearing in case you’re not driving: get off a bus or a ride, for example, the application can confuse and understand that the car was still there. This is configurable, of course; just answer the questions of customization Google Now to set when you see it.