Next game from the creator of Flappy Bird comes out this week

Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird , apparently is far from giving up the game. Besides the exclusive reboot of the Amazon Fire TV his most famous play, this week it will launch another mobile game. Called Swing Copters , according to TouchArcade , it is as difficult as the first.

Seems even more, however. You should go giving touches the screen to guide the helicopter to one side or the other to dodge the hammers, swaying from side to side, can achieve it. Leaning and is just a game over ; then you must start all over again, trying to beat the record itself.

Basically, it is much like Flappy Bird , only upwards instead of sideways:

Swing Copters will be released on Thursday and is free. A version without ads will cost 99 cents.

Remember that this information came all the site TouchArcade , which has a good reputation in the middle; the latest information on games in development that came from Nguyen was posted in May on her Twitter and has nothing to do with Swing Copters .Apparently he changed his mind: