New threats from hackers may come from your pen drive

It seems that our information is never saved in the digital world. The security expert Karsten Nohl, the SR Labs today unveiled a new way in which hackers can invade your computer: USB devices.

According to Nohl, hackers send software for small chips that drive the functions of the devices. These programs can change the programming of chips, since they have no protection against it, and thus the gadgets seen bridges to steal information.


This is made possible by exploiting bugs in software that the average user may not even know exist. Furthermore, it is impossible to trace the origin of malicious programs, according to the researcher, which makes it even harder to control them. And the virus used in computer, do not scan files that are not stored in memory, do not detect these threats.

The USBs tested by the laboratory that had its code changed to perform activities of evil on unsuspecting computers came from pen drives and smartphones, ie, objects of daily use of virtually everyone. More specifically, they tested chips manufactured by Phison Electronics and Android devices. Once put into action, the device can spy on communications, writing and erasing data typing, and can infect all other USBs to connect to PC.

For now, there is a solution to this type of threat. But Christof Paar, Bochum University professor who reviewed the study Nohl, sees a positive side to the discovery. He expects it to do with the USBs have more attention going forward, both to find other bugs as increase security so that the chips do not have their code changed easily.