New Flickr Mobile lets you record videos like Instagram


The Yahoo updated the Flickr app for phones and tablets with iOS (iPhone and iPad, both Apple) on Thursday, leading to record videos as in Instagram for image service. Besides the new look of the app, there is a more intelligent search for the photos, according to the company.

The update brings the capture of HD videos using the app, the same filters with photos and direct uploading to the mobile device. The intelligent search tool makes it easy to find files and application from Flickr recognizes the location and time that the photos were taken, and can also detect color, who is the image and what the subject of it.

The application design also changed, looking like Instagram. Yahoo says the new look helps to better navigate through the images and information better visualize them as where the photo was taken, what camera and lenses were used etc.. In 2013, Flickr announced that all its users get 1TB of free storage to register, corresponding to over 500 000 photos.