Netflix’s CEO defends net neutrality and criticizes Comcast

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, said that internet service providers should provide proper network connections to free content companies.

The executive took the opportunity to criticize the U.S. provider of Comcast access to support weaker rules Internet traffic. After consumers complain of the slowness in the service, Netflix struck a deal in February to pay Comcast for an online connection faster your movies and TV series through a practice known as interconnection.

Hastings called the interconnection charges of “arbitrary tax” which the company will pay in certain cases to preserve the experience for your customers.

“Instead, they [providers] should provide enough charge to their networks without access,” wrote Hastings on Thursday (21) on the Netflix blog.

He said free interconnections were the key to ensure “neutrality on the Internet,” asking internet providers treat data from different content companies equally. In Brazil, the issue also divides positions in the debate of the Civil Framework Internet, before Congress.

Comcast search together with U.S. regulators to approve its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, another provider of access, for $ 45.2 billion. The treatment of Internet traffic is an issue that is expected to be considered during the analysis of the government.

Hastings said that Comcast “has been an industry leader in supporting the weak neutrality on the internet, and we hope they support the strong neutrality on the internet too.”

The Comcaste replied. In a statement the deputy chief executive, David Cohen, said that no other company had a “stronger commitment to the openness of the Internet.”