All you need to know about the Kindle Unlimited


Amazon confirmed expectations and launched on Friday (18), the Kindle Unlimited, a service that offers unlimited access to a catalog of more than 600 000 thousands of ebooks and audiobooks with a monthly subscription of $ 9.99. No deadline for returning the books can be read both as Kindle readers on smartphones, tablets and computers with free Kindle app.

How this business works?

Think of the Kindle Unlimited as a “Netflix for books” is the easiest way to understand how the service works. On  the Amazon page , there is an option to enjoy the Kindle for 30 days Unlimited.While you subscribe, you will receive a monthly charge of $ 10 on credit card and can read as many books as you want your account tied to the device. To unsubscribe, ebooks are automatically removed from your collection.

Both the Kindle and in the Amazon store, next to the buy button, there will be a button to “read for free” in more than 600 000 works. Once the ebook is downloaded, you can read it as his own: no sync with Whispersync, which means the page, markings and annotations are synchronized between all your devices.



There is no deadline to return, but there is a limit of 10 ebooks borrowed simultaneously. When you try to read the eleventh book, Amazon will suggest returning the borrowed ebook longer – but you can select another. At any time, a borrowed ebook can be downloaded again previously, including markings synchronized in the cloud.

Besides text books, the Kindle allows Unlimited access just over 2000 audiobooks, but they can only be heard on devices with sound, which includes none of Kindle readers sold today (Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite), only the Kindle tablets Fire and Android and iOS devices with the official application of the Kindle. The file size varies; here, spent 156 MB to download the audiobook of  The Hobbit .


In American Amazon, you can purchase audiobooks and make subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, such as  The Globe ,  Zero Time ,  The New York Times ,  National Geographic  and Vogue . Strangely, even with Brazilian newspapers, the signature is not available in Brazil, so if you go the other way (migrate an American account for a Brazilian), their signatures will be automatically canceled.

What’s good to read?

At the time of writing this paragraph, there are  639,000 books available  in Kindle Unlimited, just under a quarter of the 2.7 million ebooks from the American store. Many titles are not available, but Amazon highlights some known works: can you read the trilogy  The Lord of The Rings , the seven books of  Harry Potter , as well as  2001: A Space Odyssey ,  The Hobbit  and  Life of Pi , eg .


The problem is that, as in Netflix, releasing the contents requires trade agreements. And the five major American publishers (namely, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Random House Simon & Schuster) have not provided many books, so there are a number of famous titles missing. Much of Unlimited Kindle books, including works in Portuguese, are small independent publishers or authors.

So even if 600 000 ebooks seem much, in practice the story is a little different, and the collection is still weak if you are only interested in the best sellers.


How weak? Among the list of  20 best-selling Kindle ebooks , only 3 are on Kindle Unlimited:  My Mother Was Nuts , in 1;  Pines , 13th; and  One Lavender Ribbon in 20th. In the category Computers and Technology , the situation improves (10 of 20 can be read for free), but most books are guides and tutorials – nothing to read for free the biography of Steve Jobs or the new book by Glenn Greenwald so.

Worth the effort?


The price of $ 9.99 per month is quite attractive. If you consider that many ebooks cost that price or even more, just ask one or two books borrowed and the monthly subscription was worth it.

Only that Amazon still needs to improve the collection for Kindle Unlimited be really advantageous. 600 000 ebooks is a lot, but a very small portion of these books is what people want to read. I’m sure that most of you reading this text would quietly 10 hours per month watching movies and series on Netflix, but would not spend the same amount of hours reading random books on Amazon.

The question is whether Amazon will be able to increase the availability of books and, more importantly, whether it will be able to convince publishers that the business model is interesting.We are so accustomed to streaming movies or music services, but not for books – although already existed before the Kindle Unlimited options such as  Oyster . I, as a reader, I find great pay only $ 10 to read as many books as you want. But being on the other side, commanding a publisher, I do not know if toparia receive only a few cents per user.