Motorola will launch new basic smartphone in May

Motorola has done a good job with their smartphones: Moto X is one of the best phones ever made and Moto G has a cost-benefit ratio that still can not be overcome by competing with Android. To fill a gap still cheaper smartphones, Motorola will launch in May a new model to compete with Android smartphones entry.

One connected to a mobile operator sent us a picture of a document with a new source models.As the market for low-end smartphones, the handset brings very interesting new features: larger than competition usually has 4.3 inch screen and 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB internal memory.

Moreover, it has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor (model not specified) and has the latest version of Android, 4.4. We believe that the model has three versions: one compatible only with a SIM card dual SIM and other versions, one of which has digital TV.

As disclosed by the source image shows the dual SIM handset with digital TV, with a suggested price of $ 599. Therefore the versions without digital TV and with only a slot for SIM card should have a lower price, as happened with the RAZR D1 .

The three versions have been approved by Anatel. The models are: XT1021 (single SIM), XT1022 (dual SIM) and XT1025 (dual SIM with digital TV). The outdoor photos and the user manual have been omitted by the agency at the request of Motorola.

These devices will hit the market in time, and with competitive price, should easily fill the space of the near-dead D1 RAZR with a gas processor, this time it is dual-core. A pity that the appliance should follow the current standards of Motorola and probably will not have a slot for a memory card. For a cheap smartphone, however, 4 GB of internal memory is not bad – unfortunately, it is still common to find devices with less than 500 MB available to the user.

The source also commented on a possible Bike G compatible with 4G networks, but no more specific details like price or when he would be released. This would also be a good choice: the course has already released the 4G network for prepaid customers, and TIM plans to do the same soon. Having a 4G device with an affordable price is a differential to win customers who plan to use the new networks.

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