‘Minecraft’ reaches 100 million registered players

The creator of the game “Minecraft” which features an open world where the player can create what you want using blocks, Markus “Notch” Persson, has revealed that the title reached the number of 100 million registered players worldwide since the its release.

He said that on the PC, the conversion rate of the game, ie who downloaded the demo and then paid by the title is 14.3%. This means that the PC version had more than 14 million copies sold.

The game also has versions for PlayStation 3, which sold 1 million units between December 2013, when it was launched, and February, for Xbox 360, which had more than 20 million copies sold, and for iOS and Android, which accumulated 10 MILLIONS of copies sold until May 2013.

The game is in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the portable Nintendo 3DS, but there is no release date for “Minecraft” for these platforms.

Success PC
“Minecraft” is a puzzle game “Sandbox” (sand box, in Portuguese) that allows the player can choose the way you want and make your own decisions.

It costs 20 euros (about $ 50) for PC ( click here to access the official website ), $ 7 (U.S. $ 14) for iOS and Android and $ 20 on Xbox 360. The game has options for one person and for many players online (multiplayer). There is a free demo of the game, which can be accessed here . You must create an account on the Mojang website in order to download the free demo.