Microsoft retires Windows XP and Office 2003 from this Tuesday

Starting this Tuesday (8), Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 tools will no longer support offered by Microsoft , which endangers the computers that do not modernize. 

Users can continue to use the software, but from April 9 will be more exposed to attack, according to the company, since there will be more released security updates, bug fixes or improvements of technical content.According to data from analytics firm the use of technology in internet NET Applications, March 27,69% of computers worldwide were still running Windows XP, the second most popular operating system in the market, only surpassed by Windows 7, which has 48.77% of the market. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 represent a fraction of aggregate market little more than 10%.

The weight loss industry in XP was progressive in recent months, but not fast enough to get a general shift towards more modern versions of Windows prior to your retirement date. Until 2012 he was the most widely used system in the world.And in March 2013, 38.73% of computers with Windows XP operating system, which officially opened in August 2001 and was a “breakthrough for businesses and consumers. Quickly became one of the most popular versions of Windows”, as regard Marco Manuello, responsible for Windows strategy in the public sector. corporate page In Microsoft in Government, Manuello encouraged users to abandon the old XP, designed for an era in which only 6% of the population was connected to the internet, and there was no use mass of smartphones. “Now the time has come for us, together with our hardware partners and software, to invest our resources in newer technologies,” Microsoft said about the end of XP.

From this Tuesday you can not download the safety program Microsoft Security Essentials for XP.”Your computer will continue to function, but will be more vulnerable to viruses. Moreover, as more manufacturers of software and hardware continue optimizing [your tools] for recent versions of Windows, you can expect a greater number of applications and devices may not operate with Windows XP, “Microsoft said.

A scenario of incompatibility and similar vulnerability presents for those who continue to use Office 2003, which also no longer be updated.