Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3

In the race by launching increasingly modern tablets, and anticipating releases from Apple and Samsung in the industry, Microsoft introduced on Tuesday (20) tablet Surface Pro 3, third version of the mobile device that runs Windows 8 operating system . According to the company, this version of the tablet “can replace the notebook.”


The handset has 9.1 mm thick, which the company considers the finest product to contain an Intel Core i7 processor, has 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels, ie, 2K. Even with all these settings, the Microsoft said that created a light product, 800 grams, and easy to carry. Further it has USB 3.0 port.


One of the main changes in relation to the new Surface display is she with a less horizontal format (widescreen), leaving a more open display of 3:2, closer to the iPad, in addition to being larger. The previous model had a 10.6 inch screen. The goal, according to the company, is to make the gap closer to a tablet of paper, since users can draw using a special pen.

Besides the more robust configuration with i7, i5 chips with no options and i3. The price of the cheapest model is $ 800 in the United States.The sale of the device begins on Wednesday (21) in the USA.


With a base sold separately that you can use keyboard, mouse or special pens, the tablet is intended as a replacement for the laptop, since every program that runs Windows 8 as the Office suite of applications, for example. The device continues to support standing, but the company has increased the angle at which the product can be tilted up to 110 degrees, allowing artists to draw with greater comfort him.

Microsoft continues to bet on the covers, protective screen keyboard: just open the case and use the accessory to type quickly.