Meet the Ubuntu operating system, a free alternative to Windows XP

After the end of support for Windows XP , many users still have the operating system installed on their PCs In theory, you can run it for some time, however, the trend is that third-party programs fail to receive regular updates and own operating system is more prone to malware. 

For readers who have a PC with hardware configurations that meet the minimum requirements for the installation of a newer version of Windows, you must purchase a new license. But some models of PCs, despite being in perfect working and meeting the basic needs of many users, will not be supported by the most current versions of Windows.    

On Thursday (17) launched the final version of Ubuntu 14.14 (codenamed “trusty tahr”). This release is LTS (Long Term Support), and will have 5 years of support the company responsible for its development. Long time operating system Penguin no longer meant only for geeks and power users. Even being distributed free of charge, the operating system is not and should in no way with respect to functionalists. And with the advantage of supporting more outdated computers that are not capable of running Windows 7, for example. 


The installation file is available at this link , but it is also possible to download the torrent file for better management and download speed. novelties Top For readers who already use Ubuntu, the perception of new features does not seem so obvious to the when the GUI is loaded.

Major improvements have been implemented within, but as can be seen in that the system is being used. There was an improvement in managing the consumption of hardware resources, it means that the operating system is relatively lighter. In it were also solved some bugs in the GUI and that eventually caused some kind of system instability.But that does not mean that the system is equal to its predecessor.

The Unity (default graphical environment) is with a more refined and customizable appearance. You can now resize the icons of shortcuts to commonly used programs bar for up to 16 pixels, which provides a use of space on the screen.

The viewports are programs with its smoother appearance, the edges were removed and the ends won the effect of Antialiase. In this version, improved support for NVIDIA graphics cards, and a feature called TRIM, which helps improve the lifespan of the hard disk. Readers who want to experience the novelty on their computers need to consider that a period of adaptation will need to get used to the concepts of system use. But it noted that for the execution of daily tasks such as creating documents, watching movies, listening to music, browsing the internet, using Skype and accessing social networks Ubuntu can perfectly meet this kind of need, and allows an outdated PC can still be used for several more years.

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