Meet the top 13 moments of the ‘World Wide Web’, which turns 25

Some fundamental concepts of internet refer to the 1950s, but the public history of the “World Wide Web” actually began 25 years ago. See the 13 main events involving the network since then:

1 – March 12,, 1989: the british computer specialist Tim Berners-Lee circulates his “proposal management information” within the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), cementing the foundations of the global Internet. Programming codes were released the following year, with the first browser called “WorldWideWeb”.

2-1993: a team from the University of Illinois (northern United States), led by Marc Andreessen developed Mosaic, a browser with an intuitive interface that helps to publish on the Internet and serves as a platform for the Netscape browser, released the following year .

3-1994: online bookstore born “”. China goes on the Internet, but their content filters.The White House launches its website, “” but some users wanting to access it, type in the address. “With” and find a porn site.

4-1995: first internet connection in Africa. The group of computer Microsoft launches a “browser war” by launching Internet Explorer, Netscape ending liquidating as eBay begins its online sales.Worldwide there are 16 million Internet users, 0.4% of the world population.

5-1996: Nokia launches first phone with an internet connection.

6-1998: the U.S. authorities entrust the global regulation of domain names to a private body, but based on their country, the ICANN (extensions like “gov.” and others “.”). Getting started Google, which transfomará the main search site on the internet.

7-2000: the “ILOVEYOU” virus infects millions of computers worldwide, generating billions of dollars of damage and calling attention to network security. The fever caused by the internet and its startups raises the index of the U.S. stock market Nasdaq, working with computers, an unprecedented record of 5,048 points. The explosion of the “bubble” ‘makes up 1,114 points fall in 2002.

8-2001: justice of the United States closes the popular online music service Napster, symbol of the debate on copyright in the network share.

9-2005: internet reaches billions of users.

10-2007: Estonia is organizing the first online parliamentary election.

11-2012: the social network Facebook surpasses 1 billion users. The Curiosity of NASA robot registers the location Foursquare application on the planet Mars. France finishes with a telematic network Minitel.

12-2012: UN adopts the accession of 89 states, a treatise on telecommunications regulation that is rejected by 55 other countries, including the United States, on behalf of the freedom of the internet. Some countries criticize the excessive influence of the United States on the network.

13-2013: 40% of the world population, about 2.7 billion people accessing the internet. The Chinese surpasses English as the dominant language.