Meet programs that help recover deleted files

To succeed in recovering files after removing the ideal is to use the programs as soon as possible.

With the problems that occurred after the security update on Windows 7, many users rushed and ended without formatting the computer. According to Microsoft, there was no need.

In such circumstances, important files can be deleted accidentally (even if the hard drive is not formatted) and the consequences of loss are similar.

In this article I will show programs that assist in recovering files from hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, even after being formatted. 
worth mentioning that the operation of this type of program is satisfactory, but some files can not be recovered. So that it has greater efficiency, the ideal is to use it once it has been verified accidental removal of files.

Recuva: good for Windows

This is one of the best file recovery programs for the Windows operating system. The installer can be downloaded here . To initiate recovery with Recuva, please select the storage device that must be traversed in search of files removed.

After the scan, a list will appear with the files found and indicated the possibility of recovering them through status; “State”.

Fully intact files are marked as “Excellent”, “Poor” means that portions of them may be lost in the recovery, and “Very Poor” is to say “unrecoverable data”. You can also retrieve accidentally deleted songs on iPods.

Pandora Recovery stands for efficiency and ease of use. 

Pandora Recovery is a free program for recovering all types of files that have been removed from the PC. It has a very simple interface to use, extremely recommended for users with less experience in using computers. Your installer for the Windows operating system is available at this link .

The recovery procedure is similar to other programs with the same purpose: Simply select the destination where the scan should be performed, wait a few minutes to finish and after selecting the list of results which the desired files to be restored.

DiskDigger operates on Android

DiskDigger is another excellent option in an attempt to recover files that were accidentally deleted. In tests, it showed equivalent ability to recover files, compared with Recuva. Your installer is available for download at this link . To retrieve the files using DiskDigger, just select the location where the recovery process should be performed. At the end you will see a list of files that can be restored, simply mark them and while they will already be accessible again. Additional features of the program, it supports Linux and Android operating systems.

There are other similar programs, and perhaps the reader can consider them best. However, those listed in column showed better ability to recover the files on tests. There are recovery services offered by companies specializing in the recovery procedure, which can also become viable alternatives – everything depends on the importance of the lost files.


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