Why so many CEOs are dropping a bucket of ice water on there head?

Perhaps you have seen in recent days, tech bigwigs willingly dropping buckets of ice water on their heads by the internet. It comes to the Ice Bucket Challenge , in which they, after passing through this awkward moment, challenge three other “media personalities” to do the same.

The chain has the face of Orkut, but there is for a good cause: it appeared to raise funds for research of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable degenerative disease you’ve probably heard: scientist Stephen Hawking is one of her patients.

According to the rules of the challenge to be entered, it is necessary to throw a bucket of cold water to the head or to donate $ 100 to ALS Association. Of course, for all the celebrities who stumbled, $ 100 is a tiny amount, but that’s where the power of disclosure and viralization them to make more people donate. And it seems to have worked, since, between June 29 and August 12, 4 million dollars were donated to the association. In the same period the previous year was 1.12 million dollars.

The list of celebrities who have participated is huge and, among singers, athletes, rappers and entertainers, some familiar names in our industry have emerged. CEOs of technology companies ended up falling on the wheel and the list was increasing, with indications between them.

Among the names that have already received the bucket of water on their heads are Tim Cook, Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Satya Nadella, Microsoft, Dick Costolo, Twitter Reed Hastings, Netflix, Larry Page, Google, and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

The video of Gates was released this afternoon and so far, was the most creative of all:

In the end, he challenges Elon Musk, PayPal, Chris Anderson, curator of TED, and host Ryan Seacrest for donating $ 100 or take a bath bucket of ice water.

Some of the names that have been challenged have not come to manifest, as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. On the other hand, there have been those who refused to take the bucket, but made the donation: President Barack Obama.