LinkedIn starts to filter content by language and location of users

The social network for professionals LinkedIn contacts presented on Tuesday (6) a new filter that allows companies registered in service to better define what the audience reached by these posts.Now, can sift by the target language preferences and geographic location of users.


“Before we showed everything that the company was talking even when he had no geographical or professional connection,” said vice president of products of the company, David Thacker.

In addition to launching the content filter by language and geographical location, the platform extend this screening to the news feed of users.Ie, members of the social network may choose to receive only related to where they live or their occupation linked to news.

Helping users to discard information that may not be relevant is important for social networking, as the site states that its members continue to access the site even if they are not looking for work.

Almost 60% of the 300 million users of LinkedIn are located outside the United States. The site is available in 22 different languages ​​including Polish, Korean, Thai and Russian.