Learn how to turn your tablet into a second monitor for your PC

The use of the PC as a tool for performing daily tasks is not new.Then came the tablets. Nimble and practical, they fell in like thousands of users as more than complementary tool for consuming content. How about bringing them together as a single tool on the tablet becomes an extension with touch screen, the computer?

In this article two programs that allow transforming tablets and smartphones into extensions of the desktop PC, without the need for cables for connection will be presented.

Learn how it works
to transform the smartphone or tablet to an external monitor is necessary that the computer is connected to the network without Wi-Fi wireless, as well as the device to be used as an extension of the screen. You need to install the application on the tablet and also corresponds to the operating system on the computer program. The “trick” that allows the display of the extended desktop is nothing more than a streaming over the wireless network combined with an efficient compression algorithm wire to minimize traffic information between the device and the computer. This gives an effect of simultaneity in the screen refresh.

It is noteworthy that depending on the program or file type displayed in the secondary display may be some kind of overload the Wi-Fi network or even the loss of sync with the computer.

Explore program options
The main applications that allow the creation of extended desktop are available for Android and iOS in their respective webshops.

The iDisplay is an app for iOS and Android that besides turning the device in an extended screen, has advanced features that allow you to move the screens of the loved one and open another monitor without performance loss when upgrading programs. The zooming and virtual keyboard remain active.

The consumer can also create a list of favorite applications that are preferably displayed on the screen with iDisplay.The application can be found on iTunes ( go here ) for $5 and Google Play ( go here ) for $10.51. The manufacturer’s website ( see here ) you can download this free program for Windows and Mac OS X.

Air Display is similar to iDisplay and transforms the device into an extended desktop. It is very efficient with the use of the touch screen in the handling of major scheduled aimed at desktops. At small distances, even when connected through the wireless network, the program still makes pratocamente noticeable delay in displaying content between the computer screen and the tablet. An interesting application of this technology is the ability to use a smartphone to control presentations or else the tablet as a drawing board for creating graphics using the touchscreen.

Air Display is available on Google Play ( go here ) for $ 21.05, and on iTunes ( go here ) for $ 10. The manufacturer’s website ( see here ) you can download this free program for Windows and Mac OS X.