Learn how to save credits on prepaid cell using the internet

According to a study released on Tuesday (11), the cost of prepaid cell can be 130% more expensive than compared to postpaid plan. And even if the mobile phone is not the sport more into account, is preferred by Brazilians. 

It is common for many users to switch chips or carry more than one device to be able to save a few credits of the cell. But adopting other best practices, you can save even more without giving up being in touch with friends and family. this column are a few tips to optimize the use of resources of the mobile prepaid using alternatives that combine text message and voice for mobile internet. With smartphone sales surpassing in quantity the sale of common mobile phones, you can use the same applications or social networks to exchange messages or even make voice calls over the internet.

Before adopting the use of mobile internet on your smartphone, however, one must take into consideration what is the daily allowance of data available for this modality. 

use social networks to send messages Some carriers offer free access to Twitter and Facebook, which is an excellent alternative for sending text messages (replacing the SMS). 

If internet access is already enabled, no need to purchase an additional package of “torpedoes”. However, one must take into account if the recipient also regularly accesses any of the social networks provided in the offer or if it is in an area where there is coverage for mobile internet. use The advantage of sending a text message through chat or direct messages is that there is no limit and also the consumer is not deducted in franchise data. Facebook offers a version of its app for mobile devices that support applications developed in Java. In this case, there is no impediment in the exchange of messages between smartphones and simpler devices. 

use of instant messaging applications is no longer news that apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Skype are practically substitutes MSN Messenger (the latter discontinued and the user base migrated to Skype). 

However, to ensure communication, it is ideal for applications that use the largest number of contacts also possess. Remember that the resources between them are equivalent, since all allow at least sending a text message, small voice messages, video and some also offer the option of voice calls.The downside of investing in messaging applications is the dependency on the internet, even if it is connected in a Wi-Fi network A tip: sending small voice messages through an application consumes little franchise data daily, and is more practical than having to type the message. Combining the above tips it is possible to save a few credits in the pre-paid plan (or save on post paid account), leaving the credits to be used when you really need to perform a phone call.