Learn how to identify intruders in the Wi-Fi network

Not always slow when browsing the internet is related to the quality of the signal delivered by the phone company. Configuration problems or malfunctioning router can also compromise network performance.Assuming that the network is fully operational, it is possible that more users can be connected, browsing the internet, playing, watching videos and downloading files.

In this case, the loss of speed is easily realized. In the router administration interface is possible to identify all the devices connected to the network, but what about using a free program to simplify this task? In this article a free program called “Who’s On My Wifi” will be presented, with which you can monitor all users connected to the Wi-Fi network This type of analysis is very useful for the reader to do something in order to inhibit the misuse of the home network, such as changing your password, the encryption type used for authentication etc.. program ‘s installer is available at this link here , and is supported by the editions of Windows 7 or higher operating system versions. Install and run the program – to be loaded is already possible to start tracing the network. 

To perform the procedure, just click on the ‘Scan’ button, and moments all the devices that are connected to the network will be displayed, along with a summary of the main connectivity information (IP address, mac address, device name) .


The free version of the program does not allow it to be possible to disconnect devices intruders, but has sufficient information to enable the reader to take an action to inhibit access by unauthorized users. A simple and effective measure in this case is to add a password to access the wireless network, or if one already exists, make the switch. exists a version of “Who’s On My Wifi” mobile operating systems iOS and Android , by which is also possible to identify all the devices connected to the network.