Learn what to consider when choosing a tablet

In a matter of quality in the images and videos are displayed on the screen, any current model of tablet meets needs as well as reading or surfing the internet. Now, you need to also take into consideration the following characteristics: 

Weight – The lighter the tablet , will be more practical to carry it. Besides the advantage of being able to hold it comfortably for several hours. 

Screen Size – The screen size is a personal choice. You should test the available models and evaluate which is the tablet that offers the most comfortable screen size for reading. 

sensitivity of the screen – The screen sensitivity is directly related to the experience of using the tablet will provide. There are some inexpensive models that feature screen with little sensitivity, which can become a limitation in their use, and make the frustrating experience. 

Processing Power and RAM – Although your goal is to use the tablet for reading, is must take into consideration what is the hardware device, it is likely that you will not restrict its use only to view documents in standard digital format. Documents in PDF format, depending on the way they were created, can be very large and cause a crash while you are browsing through its pages. The result will be a bad user experience. 

Connectivity – All models have internet connection through Wi-Fi network, but not all allow you to use a data plan for mobile internet. If you opt for a model that supports 3G, you need to take into account the additional cost and signal availability in key places that you will access the internet. But if the main purpose is read-only, a tablet without 3G internet support will suit your need. 

Battery Life – The use of the tablet as aid to studies tool becomes even better if he can get the maximum possible out of hours outlet. So note this detail in the technical specifications of the product.

 storage – If you are using the tablet also for storing and playing video classes, the minimum is that he has at least 16GB of free space. Ideally 32GB or more. Some tablet models allow the addition of a memory card, if you need even more space. 

Durability – It is important to feel the “footprint” of the tablet, as some models can meet all the requirements mentioned above, but have a fragile construction.This may reduce the lifetime of the device, especially if you carry it often.