The leader of Google Glass went to the Amazon

This weekend, the leader of Google Glass, Babak Parviz, announced on his Google+ page that he was leaving the company and going to a new one: Amazon.

Parviz is an expert in micro size, biotechnology and “high-tech with social impact” technology, all settings according to himself. Beyond Google Glass, also helped create in the laboratory Google X, the smart contact lenses that Google revealed earlier this year.

It was commented that he should do in the Amazon; in your profile on Google’s social network, only Parviz says will “work on some other things.” But opinions abound that Amazon may be thinking of creating something “eye” to have hired the veteran, or hoping to use his knowledge to place new duties on products you already have.

While nothing has been said so far about Amazon’s plans in this area, the company is one that makes up the front line with regard to technological innovations. Like Google, it also has its laboratory for experimentation and creation, Lab126 , where they came from products like the Kindle Fire , Fire TV , and the smartphone  Fire Phone , unveiled in June this year.

Have the next Google, the company gives evidence that is preparing to launch Google Glass commercially. Who stays in place Parviz is Ivy Ross, marketing specialist (not a scientist), which is already on Google since May and should prepare the Glass – and the world – to receive the gadget.