Kremlin website is hit by ‘powerful’ attacks

Hackers brought down the website of the Russian Presidency several times on Friday (14) and took the air the webpage of the central bank, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

“A powerful cyberattack is underway on the site (the Kremlin),” a Kremlin spokesman said, adding that the attack was ongoing and that security experts were trying to prevent new invasions.

She did not say who the government believed to be behind the cyber attack.

At the same time, the Russian authorities have blocked access to several electronic pages of non-parliamentary “summons for illegal activities” opposition, according to the Agency for the Control of Media and Information Technology

The agency ordered the blockade of the biggest ISPs in Russia. According to the authorities, locked pages “contain calls illegal activities and participation in public actions in breach of the order.”

Moreover, Roskomnadzor closed access to the blog of opposition leader Alexei Navalni, which is under house arrest and is barred from using telephones and connect to internet.

However, their Facebook pages and most Russian social network (Vkontakte), controlled by the Fund for the Fight against Corruption, created by Navalni are still available.

On Feb. 1, entered into force in Russia called “law of Lugovoi,” which allows blocking access to web pages with calls to extremism without judicial decision.