Joseph Garrett earns a living making videos of the game ‘Minecraft’

Joseph Garrett spends his days playing the game “Minecraft” in his room at his parents’ house. He makes a living filming yourself while playing. And that can leave you rich.

The 23-year-old has millions of young fans who bombard you with daily posts, and videos on YouTube now get more views than posts made by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. But when walking down the street, nobody recognizes.

Welcome to the new world of entertainment for young people, where devotees players watch videos so they can hone their skills.

The most popular videos of Garrett portray the game “Minecraft” in which players build their own virtual worlds. The game became a phenomenon, and their videos can generate more than 30 million hits in a week, attracting the interest of businesses using the video site to advertise their products.

Even if he receives only a small portion of the advertising revenue generated, these huge numbers may well leave you rich.

“I’m very happy, I will not lie, I think I have the best job in the world,” he told BBC.

“I play all day, make videos, which is what I love to do, I can be creative and have fun. The fact that people like to watch makes it even more enjoyable,” he adds.

A former bartender of Emsworth, a small town in southern England, Joseph Garrett was surprised by the huge popularity achieved by their videos in a short time.

Despite his YouTube channel does not have the highest number of subscribers, access has grown rapidly in the last month. According to the companies web Socialblade and Tubefilter, your channel is among the ten most viewed in the world.

The hearing of Joseph is largely composed of young people from six to 14 years. According to him, the majority are girls (60%), which surprises many people.

Joseph, who publishes the videos under the pseudonym Stampylonghead started uploading stuff while he was in college.

“I worked at a bar and decided to leave when I was getting the same thing with the videos,” he adds.“It was just a minimum wage, I probably had about 1000 subscribers,” he says, without revealing how many wins today.

Currently, the minimum wage per hour worked in the UK is 6.31 pounds (about $ 25).

“I was lucky to be able to live with my parents and could not pay rent so he could develop it and make a living full time.”

Better than TV
Joseph recognizes that, if the game continues popular, it can become a millionaire, but he says the money is not his motivation.

“Most of the over 100 thousand subscribers channels can provide a decent life.”

This is the future, says. “Many people see television as a very passive thing now. She is in a corner, always transmitting 24 hours a day.”

“I think tablets, mobile phones and laptops are much more immediate and exciting.” notes.

His opinion is shared by Chris Dring, editor of MCV magazine, on the gaming market.

“The children’s media has undergone a radical transformation in the last three years,” he says. “The kids are still watching TV, going to movies and playing video games. But they are also on YouTube, Facebook and mobile. YouTubers These are real actors entertainment. To his followers, are celebrities.”

Joseph is not the only one to have hit video game.

The Yogscast channel, also British, spent two billion page views in the last six years and has been cited previously as number one in Britain.

The boy, who is single, says that his audience sees him as a friend.

“I think (YouTube) seems more personal than watching television. They feel like they know me, write me messages, not about my videos, but only to tell me what they did that day,” he says.

The number of messages that Joseph receives each day is so great that he can not read them all.

His future plans include leaving the home of his parents and move in with a friend of 22-year-old David Spencer, who also appears in their videos of Minecraft as iBallisticSquid.

“I’m a guy making videos in the room.’m Trying to set up its own office, but everything has happened so fast,” he said. “I just want to keep what I’m doing at the moment.”

And what do your parents think of the unusual career of his son?

“I think they are also amazed as I am. Earlier, I think they kind of wanted me to go out and get a job really, but now they can not really argue against it and are happy for me,” he said.

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