Jibo, a domestic robot that wants to be part of your family


Robots are present in assembly lines for cars, maritime explorations in advanced surgical centers and so on. But what if they could take up space in your house as a domestic assistant for entertainment and chores? Believe me, this is the proposal of Jibo, friendly and impressive robot that seeks funding Indiegogo .

The Jibo has a clean, friendly design and you can find it like a wide variety of characters from the small screen. I, for example, consider a mixture of Eva (the “robozinha” that enchanted the Wall-E movie of the same name) with the luminaire that is Pixar. The creators themselves do not hide that inspired the film to develop the project.

Speaking of the technical part, the Jibo is 28 inches tall, weighs 2.7 pounds and has a 5.7-inch screen with full HD resolution in part that matches your face. The robot head can move from side to side and your body is mainly composed of white plastic and aluminum.

Well, what Jibo can do? Many things: storytelling for children (in english), receive and execute an order to take pictures, make video calls (he looks at the person speaking and the films), reading messages as you get home, remind you of appointments , showing the step by step of a recipe while you cook, among others. The video below shows the Jibo in action:

Same movie thing, no? To accomplish its tasks, the Jibo is equipped with an ARM processor (not relieved model), connects to the Internet and to other devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has two cameras with functions for identifying faces and has a microphone “of 360 “, i.e. sounds that can capture the entire environment.

To coordinate all the Jibo runs a variation of Linux accompanied by a development kit that allows the creation of additional applications by third parties. An artificial intelligence system does recognize people, store preferences, understand commands and so on.

The Jibo makes things very interesting, but obviously not an example of autonomous robot: who has certainly identify their limitations soon.


Anyway, this is a great “toy” to entertain children or to meet the desires of those who enjoy this type of technology. The Jibo can also cater for lonely people or serve as a mascot to individuals who, for some reason, can not have animals.

It is true that this point rekindles discussion of robots and computers interfering in human affairs, but with this consideration aside, the project serves to give us an idea of ​​how electronic assistants (including there systems like Siri and Cortana) could be part of our everyday in a next season.

Why is it legal? Because it is one of the next projects of the robots we see in movies or TV production.

Why is it innovative? Jibo’s not just for entertainment. Albeit in a limited way, the robot can help in everyday tasks.

Why is it cutting edge? The project is based on affordable technology resources and at the same time, manages to convey an air of sophistication.

Worth the investment? For those who like robotics or clung to the idea, but worth: the Jibo starts at $ 599 plus $ 50 shipping for those who live outside the United States or Canada.Considering its attributes, is a reasonable price. But you must have patience: sending should only begin in late 2015.

The campaign started yesterday Jibo and continue until August 15 this year. The fundraising goal is $ 100,000, but the project had reached $ 500K just 24 hours after its beginning. Now hope is that expectations match this all success.