How to install Torrents on your smartphone

As like your PC you can Use Torrents in your android phone.So first i will Recommend you that use the WiFi network and if you Unless you have Data Pack with Unlimited Data because it automatically downloads your list when your connected to any network.


The process of using torrents in your PC is same as in your Android SmartPhone for that you will need a Torrents app such as uTorrent we are using this app because its interface is as same as in PC.Here is the quick tutorial.


1) Download uTorrent from Here

2) So after successfully installing uTorrent app Open your browser

3) Go to the Torrents sites like or etc.

4) And search for the file that you want to download and select the File.

5) Now click on Download torrent.

6) That’s it your file will directly Downloaded by uTorrents app.


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