How to Increase Google Chrome Browser Speed

Google Chrome is the fastest Browser.Some times we notice that your Chrome is working Slow Don’t worry.Today we are going to know about how the increase the Speed of Google Chrome with this simple Tips.


Disable Extensions

Some times few extensions Cause to Dump your Browser Speed.Extensions are a part of chrome they are similar to plugin but they are not plugin.So here ate the tutorial to disable Extensions of chrome.


1) Open Google Chrome and go the Link – Just put this link in URL Bar.


2) Disable the Extensions by removing the select Icon.

Disable plugins

Plugins are third party they are needed to perform a specific action in the browser.How to disable a Unwanted Chrome Plugin.


– Open Google Chrome and go the Link  as above.


– Remove the unwanted plugins.

Clear your browsing data

So as soon as you browse any website chrome automatically collects its data and next time it will provide to give you more easier right.But some time this Data cause slow down of chrome.


Easy way to do this is.

– Click Ctrl+H at same time now you will be taken to history window.

– Now click Clear browser Data.That’s it you data will be cleared.

This are the simple tips to speed up your Chrome.