How to increase your ‘Adsense Scorecard’ in few easy steps

Many people asked me about how to increase there Adsense scorecard, so here is an article for all those people who wants to increase there Adsense scorecard with few simple steps.



But first let me quote what adsense says about there scorecard.

“The scorecard is an optimization tool for publishers. We do not take any account actions based on your scores.”

Now lets start

First they have Score for “Multi-screen

it is very important for your site to work in all devices including Pc(s),Mobile(s),iPad(s),Tablet(s) and other devices, therefore you should optimize your website for different screen size.

After that they score your website based on “Site health

It is also important to see how your website load in desktop and other devices if you use WordPress then i will suggest you to use “WP Super Cache” plugin to speedUp your website.

Your website should not be too heavy as it annoy many user(s) and also it will effect your site health score.

The last one is “Revenue Optimization

To score high here you need to check your Crawl errors, your robots.txt file should not block your pages.

The 2nd part of it is to use of both “Text ads and Display ads” on your website.

And the 3rd and last part of it is to use recommended ad formats, use the suitable ad for your website. It should look simple and clean, don’t just fill your website with ads just to get few more bucks.

I hope it will help you to increase your scorecard, and if you have any question related to it just leave a comment below.