How to improve readability for your blog

Online readers are probably the most impatient people among the whole of mankind. They might land on your blog post or web page, but if you are unable to attract them and provide value to them almost instantly, chances are high that you might lose a probable reader.

Rather than properly reading the content in it, most readers on the web happen to just skim through the pages in a quick restless motion. The only thing that would make such impatient readers sit down and take notice is if you could manage to improve the readability of your blog or website content.

Here are some solid tips to improve the readability of your blog and website content –

Short Sentences, Small Paragraphs

The first key tip towards improving your readability is to keep it short and sweet. Short and punchy sentences are easier to read and it manages to keep the readers engaged. Make sure that you break up paragraphs that are too long. Long paragraphs have proved to be a huge turn off for a major chunk of the readers on the web. Paragraphs with a maximum of 4 to 5 lines in it are what you should be aiming for.

Wise Use of Subheadings

Use as many headings and sub-headings as you can. This goes a long way in improving your readability and keeps the readers hooked on to your blog post or website content. It tells to the readers who skim through your post that this content does have a few valid points to make. Also, try to make these sub-headings catchy and interesting.

All Text is too Boring

Your content shouldn’t be wholly textual. The readability is a lot improved if you could incorporate images, audio, video or other infographics into it. Multimedia content goes a long way in getting your point made to the viewers. And, visual content is preferred by most users over the old-fashioned fully textual content that turns out to be uninteresting.

Work on your Font Size and Design

The colors and font size you write the content in also matters a lot! Assess whether your design aspects like font, color and background are affecting the convenient readability of your blog or website content. Give more importance to readability than going for design gimmicks that might affect easy reading.

Make Important Lines Bold

Doing this has multi-fold uses. This helps readers who are in a hurry to understand the main points and highlights of the content. If the bold lines seem to interest them, they might spend time to read the whole article or blog post. Just like how the sub-headings do, the readability is definitely improved with the use of bolder lines within the content.

Content should be Engaging

On top of all this, the content on your blog or website should be catchy and engaging. The key is in writing the kind of interesting content that keeps the reader hooked to it. The introduction paragraph should make the reader wanting to read more and the concluding lines should leave an impact on the reader.

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Readability is a key factor in helping you convert your website traffic into proper readership. And ofcourse, readership and sale conversion is what counts if you aim to monetize your blog or website. To improve the readability, the content should be engaging and creative.

Use of short sentences and small paragraphs will help a lot in enhancing your readability. If you find it too hard to create catchy content, you can always streamline your content requirements to competent writers on freelance platforms like Contentmart.