How to Turn off android phone by sending SMS


Want to turn off Mobile phone by sending SMS,its quite fun is it. You are in some were out and forgotten your Phone or your phone is locked in Office and want to save your android mobile battery then just send the SMS to turn Off your android phone. How To Turn off your phone by sending SMS,Just follow this simple Steps.

We are doing this by installing a app called Remote Power Off V1.2 For this “Rooting” is required .


– Android  Version 2.1+

– Rooted Android Device.

Steps to follow:

1)  First Download Remote Power Off V.1.2 from the link here.


2) Unzip the file and install Remote power Off app.

3) Now after Opening the app in the ‘Enter Current Code’ Field Enter “Null”.

4) And in the ‘Enter New Code’ Field enter anything that you wish to be the Keywordto Turn off your android device.

5) Send a SMS starting with the Keyword from any mobile Number or phone.

6) Grant the Super User permission to the app at First time that’s it now you can Now you can turn off your android phone by sending SMS.

Now send a message to your android device in the text Field enter the Keyword and just just send it to the android device now you can see that your Phone is Turned Off…!


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